Walther P38


Per Ardua Ad Astra
A buddy of mine bought a Walther P38 from a South African solider who served in North Africa during WW2. The story behind it is, the soldier came across a knocked out Panzer IV, climbed inside and found the dead tank commander still holding onto the P38. He prised the pistol out of the mans hand and carried it throughout the rest of the war.

A few years ago I had an elderly lady phone me about a firearm her husband (who had recently died) brought back from WW2, and would I buy it from her.

I suggested that she bring the weapon into the shop so I could take a look at it. The next day she came into the shop with a plastic shopping bag, she reached inside and brought out an immaculate black German issue holster, on opening the holster I saw a literally brand new P38 with all the issue markings and stampings. If the weapon had fired a whole magazine, I'd be surprised.

The story behind the pistol was, Her husband was an officer in the Royal Navy during WW2, he lead a shore party into occupied France. During the foray ashore the officer killed a enemy soldier and came back with the P38 as a souvenir.

I offered her a good price and took the gun into stock into my own personal collection. I took the weapon onto the range to test fire it, I cant say I was impressed, I had a lot of hangups and stovepipes.

A few months later I sold it, sometimes I could beat myself to death for some of the treasures I have sold.
The reason I started collecting WW2 weapons was a Walther P-38 my father "acquired" in Italy, initially I was going to sell it or have it completely deactivated but when I had it appraised it turned out to be a "Gray Ghost" edition at which point the collectors license was a small price to pay.
You know what they say... hind sight is 20/20

You can say that again, I also had a brand new Beretta 93R with the shoulder stock, 3 round burst fire, forward pistol grip, enlarged trigger guard and two 20 round magazines. SOLD

An immaculate Lee Enfield No4 Mk2 with bull burnished barrel regulated by Fultons at Bisley. The accuracy was outstanding. SOLD

An immaculate P08 (Luger) built by DWM in 1918, all parts had matching numbers, the original holster had all the tools, AND to top it all off, the name and unit of the original man it was issued to. SOLD

Just of the few treasures I have sold. Who wants to shoot me? lol.