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"I had a bayonet, they didn't."
- Walter D. Ehlers, when I asked him about the machinegun position he took out using only that weapon in his Medal of Honor citation.
I know this is slightly off topic, but I almost bought a bayonet online a few days ago. It was the original triangular shaped blade and it would have only cost me $6 plus shipping and handling. It was some Russian model. So if any of you enlisted men want to get a real bayonet to put on the end of your rifle and don't give a crap about the Geneva convention go to google and type "Revolutionary War" bayonet and it will be some site that looks like persons name michaeldlong i think.
So we're going to start outfitting ourselves again? :lol: I would love to see you strap a 250 year old bayonet to an M16A2.

On a serious note, the fact that we DO "give a crap" about the Geneva Convention and the "Laws of War" is what makes us the good guys. I pray that I never see the day that we stop. And you're right, that is a bit more than "slightly off-topic."

Besides, I thought you were training to be a pastor? Isn't that a bit in the opposite direction of where you're headed with this bayonet stuff?
"Military Oats?" :lol:

Everyone seems to have kind of skipped the original topic here. :lol:
I don't understand why triangular bayonets were outlawed in the first place. A triangular bayonet is much more effective at its purpose than a Kabar or other knife. They outlawed lasers from combat because people could go blind so whats the point of a weapon. If it was just because of the fact that bayonet wounds are harder to heal from then that argument is useless with the huge survival rate of soldiers nowadays because of all the advances in speedy medical help. The bayonet I found was a Russian SKS bayonet and I checked today and it's already sold :( triangular bayonets should have never been outlawed to begin with. Our troops should use them if we want to continue to be the best fighting force.
First of all, I think you are grossly overestimating the importance of what bayonet is used to the quality of the fighting men we field.
Second; the versatility of a blade as opposed to a purely stabbing instrument vastly increases the weapon's versatility as both a tool and a combat weapon.

I don't feel like going into all the reasons for the switch, and anyway, this is all VERY off-topic, and any other posts after this one not relating to the topic will be immediately deleted.