Wait Til Its Dark

Mark Conley

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One day at the Air Force Survival School, an instructor was walking among the groups that were engaged in their survival meal class. He saw one group that was patiently sitting around a large pot boiling on the fire, and decided to go over and find out what was on the menu that night.

he asked the group " Well whats on the menu tonite guys"? One guy said he had added a lizard to the pot, another mentioned the handful or so of mushrooms, a third mentioned a rattlesnake, another said he had submitted a pound of grubs, and so it went around the group, each contributing something caught or picked from the ole mother earth itself.

The instructor nodded, and went on his way. An hour later, he came back and noticed all the men were still sitting around the pot, with no one attempting to eat. Puzzled, he asked the men if they were hungry, and were they going to eat?

"Yes sir!" was the answer. "We are hungrry Sir!" the group answered. "Well, when are you going to eat it?" asked the instructor.

"Well, we are going to eat it as soon as its too dark to see what it looks like Sir!"


Reminds me of a couple of survival courses I have been too..
Swamp-soup and roadkill cafe.... Yummy! :?