Vision Waiver


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want to be in the USMC. But here is the problem:

I was diagnosed with cone rod dystrophy (CRD) approximately 5 years ago. This is considered a progressive degenerative eye disease that is hereditary. The doctor's have no way of knowing how quickly, if at all, my eyes will degenerate or if they will stay the same. I have 20/40 and 20/60 without corrected vision. I haven't been back to the eye doctor since. I lost my eyeglasses but I have been doing fine without them. I even passed the eye exam at Secretary of State without eye glasses about 3 years ago.
My recruiter told me that I will go to MEPS and then following that I will have to see an eye specialist to see if I get can a waiver for this eye disease.
However, I was looking on the list for vision DQ and progressive degenerative eye diseases are considered a DQ. I was just wondering what the odds were of actually getting a waiver for CRD?
My recruiter was also telling me that even if I pass MEPS and get the waiver that there is a 50/50 chance that when I get to Parris Island, the doctor at boot camp could possibly deny the waiver and send me home.
Just looking for some advice....