Vatican to bishops: follow law, report sex abuse (AP)

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AP - The Vatican on Monday responded to allegations it long concealed clerical sex abuse by making it clear for the first time that bishops and clerics worldwide should report such crimes to police if they are required to by law.

Man this is a first ... the Vatican calling for molester priests to be reported to the police.

This is like closing the barn door AFTER the horse has been stolen.

For generations (not just a couple of years), the Vatican (and many of the Cardinals), have covered up case after case after case of child abuse at the hands of a priest, by urging parents (and children), not to report the abuse to the police. They have even threatened children/parents using the weight of religious belief. Many Catholics out there know what I mean ... nuff said.

The severest action that the Vatican/Cardinals carried out, was the transfer of the abusive priest to another position (usually a position that brought the priest into contact with the very same group of parishioners [namely young boys/girls]) that the priest had ALREADY abused.

All I got to say ... is ... bout damn time the Vatican and the Cardinals carry out a policy of reporting EVERY SINGLE CASE OF REPORTED ABUSE TO THE POLICE. Abusive priests belong in prison ... NOT getting a pass and being allowed to prey on other innocents.