Vacation time!


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Oh yea it's that time of year :) i'm off friday for two weeks, going to beautiful British Colombia, see you guys later!!

Well i'm back and man oh man was it hot!! we went tubing down the river (very relaxing) that took like 3 hours or more (got a good tan there :p) and we went boating (got pulled on a tube, man did my butt hurt!) the baby loved the lake, i guess i had a good time even though the mother inlaw is pain in my butt :shock:

You lucky :cen:. Lol, here I am trying to finish my summer assignment. Anyone feel like helping me edit? I have like 3 paragraphs so far... ok, back on topic, PM me if ya wanna take up the offer. lol.
I said:
A child’s world, propelled by innocent wisdom and fictive dreams, is one that adults can easily envy. It has been said that children do not understand many real world situations as an adult does. This begs the question: why do they need to? Children are perpetual optimists and many adults are incredibly negative due to experience with the loss of loved ones, getting fired, bad news, etc. This brings up yet another question, why do children have to experience negativity to understand the situations that they encounter?

Failure. It's a well known fact of life, sometimes barely denting our perspective, sometimes tearing it down completely. While adults "understand" that things happen, to a perky 6 year old, when the record suddenly starts skipping, they don't understand how to press forward and move on. This especially occurs when parents or loved ones are involved. The center of their life isn't offering the smile that usually greets them, and is replaced by a look of scorn or a frown. Something so simple can turn a child’s life upside down. For an adult, failure is something that just comes with the package. We also see it as a lesson, if you fail, you must learn how to regroup and try again. Not everything is a lost cause just because the first time fell through the roof. Determination is gained with every failure, and that determination is passed on and instilled in children.

One of the most disappointing issues of growing up is learning the truth behind those "secrets of parenthood." The amazing imaginations of children stem from the belief of these secrets. Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, the dreaded, "Where do babies come from." The constantly turning minds of children provide the magic and curiosity that keep parents oh their toes. One of the adventures of childhood is figuring out how to outsmart parents to learn the truth behind the secrets, but yet they are secretly glad they cannot, because that can only make them seem real for longer. Finding out there really wasn't a shimmering beauty standing above my bed, gently removing my tooth from under my pillow, but that she was my mom was truly disappointing. Even in the middle school ages, science is still out to discombobulate. It was so depressing to learn that the colors I see are those that are reflected. I then felt like everything I touched was white, and blasé, that I was seeing something my hands weren’t touching.

Children only know what they live. If they are abused, they only know how to abuse. If they are loved and supported, they will naturally support and love others. As they grow older, they meet new people, and learn more about other peoples lives. They learn they do have a choice in how they would like to treat people. Adults learned that also. Some made the choice to hurt others or take out their childhood anger and discomfort on others. The remaining made the choice to make a positive influence on people. Those who lead the unpleasant lifestyle often are jealous of those who are happy, and make it their mission to change them. Many adults can withstand these actions, but many children cannot. It can take one teacher to change a students outlook on their life.

Children see no reason in being ashamed of anything. Their bodies, their weight, what they say, they believe it is all normal. They are completely honest in everything they say, and although they point out many of adult’s imperfections, they don’t think it will ever offend them. They see no reason to think before they speak, and if they do, they say everything with complete sincerity. Many adults take their time to carefully manicure every word they say, fearing the wrong words will be deleterious. Others are as blunt as a child, forgetting that their words can have a very negative effect. An insult coming from an adult is much more dire then an insult from a child, because an adult should understand the harmful effects.

I'm working on my closing paragraph right now.
Well I might go to Puyallup/Fort Lewis, WA this month, however the prices to fly from my little place in the mountains so expensive but if not this month than in Dec.