USAF Security Forces


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I know its not really a cadence call, or song, but I still love it, found it when I was researching the USAF SF.

The Blue Beret

The Army has it's claim to fame;
The Airborne Rangers, the Green Berets.

The world knows the Navy Seals;
Life of Danger, Men of Steel.

The Corps have their elite too;
Recon Patrol, the Proud, the Few.

But when it comes to us, not much is heard;
We're just the Cops who guard the birds.

In Vietnam, through toil and strife,
We gave it all, our hearts, our life.
A page in history, a chapter in time;

We fought for freedom, yours and mine.
We stayed vigilant through cold and rain,
and bear the fatigue, hardship, and pain.

This piece of ground, we will defend,
Side by side `til the bitter end.

So fear not pilot, you can fly all day,
This base is guarded by the Blue Beret.

Author Unknown