US turns Iraq over to new government two days early

Ha, everyone made such a big deal about the deadline and if we could reach it ect. ect. Kinda caught them by surprise I imagine, I didn't really hear too much on the news. Maybe that's because the media feels its only necessary to show soldiers getting killed and beheaded, instead of a major milestone on the path to ultimate victory. This was a huge objective completed, but like Mr. Conley said, let's see how it turns out.
Well yeah lets see how's it gonna be now,u guys let them stand on their feet,lets if they can handle it all
If within a reasonable limit of time Iraq's 'Iraqi' government manages to take control of the territory, weaken and defeat ( with our vital support ) the terrorist gangs and gradually bring about justice and state of law to the country, then a huge step would be done.
Just a battle of the war, as we know. But - hey it took some 10 yrs for postwar Germany to fully recover and US occupation of Japan lasted for about the same.
Lets hope it'll work. In that case we are really shaping a new world order.