US to donate unmanned military aircraft to Lebanon


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I don't get this so they can monitor the Israeli patrols? Use these UAV to look for places to plant bombs? Wouldn't Syria just use them? Hamas controls Lebanon what are we crazy? I don't get it?

US to donate unmanned military aircraft to Lebanon
1 day ago
BEIRUT (AFP) — The United States is to donate 12 Raven unmanned aircraft to the Lebanese army as part of its military assistance programme, the US embassy announced on Tuesday.
The aircraft would be provided "in the coming months," an embassy statement said.
Lebanese army commander General Jean Kahwaji and Defence Minister Elias Murr agreed to the donation while visiting the United States earlier this year, it added.
The US Defence Department is also training Lebanese army pilots on the Raven as "part of the comprehensive, robust US military assistance programme to Lebanon," the statement said.
The Raven has electronic sensors providing immediate intelligence information and can perform remote reconnaissance and surveillance.
US military assistance to Lebanon has totalled more than 410 million dollars (309 million euros) since 2006 and includes aircraft, tanks, artillery and training.

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First of all, Hezballah is the main threat in Lebanon, Hammas dosent operate there. The idea behind all these gifts to the Lebanese army is to make it capabnle of standing up to Hezballah. What is funny is that I am preetey sure the Labanese army has nointention of doing that. Either way no ammount of hardware can fix that army it never fought back against anyone, not Syria, not Israel, not the PLO, and not Hezballah.
The things will either rot unused in their hangars or be used by Hezballah untill they fall to disrepair. No big deal.