US Soldier Ordered to Leave Canada


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GOOD for Canada. Maybe Canada will no longer be a haven for US deserters.


She VOLUNTARILY enlisted in the Military, she is SOL, damn, join the Military, and then be shocked when you are asked to do your job? It kills me people love to join the military for a paycheck, training and free college in peacetime but when a war breaks out and they may have to go and fight they wanna run to Canada. Not to mention the people who enlist during war and are shocked that they might have to fight. I say :cen: her, throw her in jail. God bless the men and women who fight for their country. Kinda gives a shot in the ass to all the woman that fought to be in the military. She deserves what she gets, and I hope she gets it hard.

I would hope CID is there waiting for her when she is repatriated....

Desertion in time of war...

Charge, Convict & sentance appropriately...

'Nuff Said...

US Soldier Ordered to Leave Canada
January 07, 2009
Associated Press

TORONTO - The first woman soldier to flee the U.S. military for Canada to avoid the Iraq war has been ordered deported along with her husband and children.

Kimberly Rivera said Wednesday her requests to stay on humanitarian and compassionate grounds were rejected.

Rivera served in Iraq in 2006 and came to Canada the following year after she refused redeployment.

She lives in Toronto with her husband and three children - the youngest is six weeks old and Canadian born.

Rivera says she'll discuss her options with her husband and supporters but feels she's come to the "end of the road."

The family must leave Canada by Jan. 27 unless the order is reversed.

The group War Resisters Support Campaign says four other resisters and their families face deportation in January alone.
When she does finally come back they should be able to get her on about 6 offenses. Some of these might be a little thin but they could still charge her with them.

1. Article 85 Desertion, Death in Time of War or Dishonorable, 5yrs confinement
2. Article 87 Missing a Movement, Dishonorable, 2 years confinement
3. Article 92 Failure to Obey an Order or Regulation, Dishonorable, 6month confinement
4. Article 94 Mutiny and Sedition, Death or other punishment as a Court Martial may Direct
5. Article 95 Resistance, Flight, Breach of Arrest and Escape, Dishonorable, 1 year confinement
6. Article 134 (Soliciting another to commit an Offense), same max punishment as crime solicited (Desertion) not to include death or confinement over 5 years.

They should also revoke her citizenship and require her to repay all of her pay and benefits.
Probably won't do anything much to her when she returns.

I believe the marine from Colorado who staged a fake death and caused an expensive search and rescue effort only got 30 days confinement, pay forfeiture, and dishonorable discharge. The Colorado authorities are charging him for the fake death and search and rescue. Mainly to try and get the money back for the search and rescue attempt.
You are probably correct. However I feel that an example needs to be made. With sufficient penalties to ensure a deterrent for those considering it in the future.
Totally agree! The people who ran away to Canada and other places have not been held accountable for their :cens: cowardly actions. Why DOD is not prosecuting them more stringently is something I do not understand. :evil:

The US has not had a draft for over 30 years and every single one of us is a volunteer. We knew exactly what we were signing up for, that this job is dangerous and our oath as Soldiers is darn clear.

I am glad Canada is waking up to this sham and starting to throw these people out. Took long enough, especially when Canadian soldiers are in the fight.

Pity about her kids, but she should have thought about that a little more beforehand.
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Oh they'll hand her an OTH maybe a BCD and kick her. Should be be a DD and a couple years ant Scenic MDB Leavenworth but it won't happen.