US Helo shot down over Iraq

This is a real tragedy!!

My thoughts goes to the families of the killed soldiers!

I saw on the news here in Norway that 15 were dead now, and CNN has reported 16 killed.
Another US soldier, on his way to Baghdad, and two American civilians, working for EOD Technologies Inc., were also killed today....

139 US soldiers have now been killed in combat since May 1......
And I'm afraid that we may see a lot more killed or wounded in the future...
The Iraqi resistance is getting more and more supporters everyday now.
The problem this presents is back here in the states, there is so much questioning and growing hate toward the Administrations decision to use force, that I fear if Bush doesn't get reelected, then the next President will pull everyone out. But the job won't be finished, and the country will only fuel more terror and anarchy. Just look what happned with the pullout from Somolia...
Agree with you there.

Pulling out now is not a good solution.
What has been started must be finished.

But it's a very delicat situation down there now.
The more Iraqis getting killed, the more the aggression towards the Americans will increase..
And that again leads to more attacks towards the Americans, and again more Iraqis killed...

The international community (UN, Europe) must help out now with humanitarion operations.
Norway has been in Iraq a long time now, with engineers, mine clearance and other humanitarion aid.
I think this is the road to go now, the Iraqis must get back to their "normal" life, with the things they need to have. (water, roads, schools, safe walking etc...)
I think that a increase in the military precence in that region may only lead to more hate and violence.
I definitely agree, If the UN gets involved, I could definitely see Muslim Peacekeepers getting involved as well, which will probably work on the conscience of those Iraqi shooters. I know it sounds stereotypical as an American, but France really is standing in the way of rebuilding Iraq, when considering the influence they hold over both the UN and NATO.

What bothers me the most is that here in the US, the influential senators and congress people calling for total withdrawal are intimately connected with Vietnam. They seem to forget all soon that once we withdraw, a dominant force (In Vietnam Communism, Iraq Wahhabism and it’s variants) will emerge to lead that country down a worse path.