US AFSOC awaits first Skytruck delivery from Poland

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The US Air Force (USAF) Special Operations Command (AFSOC) has confirmed that it will receive the first of 10 PZL M28 Skytruck short take-off and landing (STOL) light twin passenger and cargo aircraft in June.

They will be tasked as medium special operations forces (SOF) mobility aircraft and assigned to 318th Special Operations Squadron, 27th Special Operations Wing, at Cannon Air Force Base (AFB) in New Mexico. The squadron was reactivated in May 2008.

The Skytruck order was confirmed in February by Colonel JD Clem, deputy director of plans, programmes, requirements and assessments at the AFSOC. Explaining the order, Col Clem said: "If I want six guys to land on an unimproved strip the [Pilatus] PC-12 is not the plane to use."
Skytruck may also be used for the airdropping of equipment or small infiltration teams. The M28 has a maximum take-off weight of 7,000 kg, a 1,365 km range with a 1,000 kg payload and can carry a crew of three plus 12 paratroopers (or 18 passengers).



Polish Navy PZL M28B Bryza 1R - Maritime patrol and reconnaissance variant (equipped with: 360° Search and Surveillance Radar ASR-400, Link-11 datalink). Used mainly for sea border patrolling, search and rescue operations and protection of the national economical sea zone.
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I wonder if the maritime patrol and reconnaissance variant can launch an anti-ship missile?
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I don't follow transports much but for some reason I like this aircraft basic and to the point.

I wonder if Poland market this aircraft in South America seems like a perfect fit?
transport planes are so important but they're often overlooked.
The obsession with flashy, cutting edge crap is getting unhealthy.
I wonder if the maritime patrol and reconnaissance variant can launch an anti-ship missile?

With the right mods, they should be able to.

They cannot carry any anti-ship missiles and most propably never will.
Maritime patrol version is already heavily packed with equipment so adding not-so-light ASM's looks rather impossible.
As far as I know nobody even considered such thing in theory or on a concept level.