ur gonna hate me


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but... i was wondering if there was a possible way to get State flags... like the North carolina flag? just a suggestion.. i was wantin 2 get it in memory of my uncle... but its alright if its too much trouble.. u could like get them on demand and make them cost more... but its alright if not :D

Sounds like a big job, I don't have any state flags here... :?
I'll think about it for a while..
Well, Those who want a flag of their state can have just that flag You don't have to make every state flag in the whole US.

Unless some, err, person wants to collect it in some way.. :?
Yo Redleg, I'd be more than willing to make little state flags. I got nothing better to do. I'll post some as soon as Alabama is done :D
Here we go, Alabama.


What you think?
one prob with the flags is somepeople dont live in the U.S.

!!!! you know what??? i dont think this could happen but what if for like 200 military bucks or somethen you can have a custom flag made or soemthen like that??
I think I'll skip the State flags for now..

This is an international forum, and I don't want to make it too "American"..

Other nations may want their state flags as well, and that would be too much work for me..

But you can put it in your signature if you want to have it for now.

I'll think about this idea, and I may implement it later.
sorry i was gonna suggest the higher prices for custom, but i was gonna say it could be for everywhere that had a state/province flag

thanks for considering tho
Hey everyone, for the ultra low introductory price of 300 Milbucks, I will make you any flag, emblem, sign, seal, badge, banner, token, hallmark, pennant, insignia, or logo you want!

However its up to Redleg to actually put it under gear. How about it Mr Admin, I make it, you just upload it. We'll spilt the profits 50-50. :)
Hm, I guess I can make a custom gear shop..

But I'll have to wait untill next week, pretty busy at work this week, and I'm going away this weekend..
futureRanger! Can you help me with one thing then. But it isnät about this Forum.

I need a logo to my homepage.

and I will use the milbucks for the job. :p

But it depends on what price you are going to take out.
I'm no graphics design expert by any stretch of the imagination. I just doodle around in Paint from time to time. I doubt I would be able to make you a half decent logo (these little gear flags are super easy, a monkey could do it). It depends on what you need.

I'll do it for free, you don't need to pay me. What did you have in mind?