Up dated book reviews (Always Believe In Yourself)

steve ossie

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Hi all Just want to update you all with a couple of recent book reviews I have received from people who have purchased the book in the last month. I no a lot of people have looked at the book or the reviews on this site and if you liked what you saw please share on your social media thanks. They can check out my web site http://www.steveosbornebritisharmy.com and also my blog. Finally if any members have brought the book thank you very much, Steve (Ossie).

By dj
Even if you didn't serve in the CORPS this is a must for Sqaddies young and old. Some times funny and some sad stuff. I had the pleasure to be a part of Oz's team within "Fraggle Troop " very funny, good times. But the sad loss of the guys in Norway really hit home(I lost a close friend) A Great Read

Sean Gouldburnposted toSteven Ossie Osborne
· Well that didnt last long mate I couldn't put the book down. When I get back from holiday I will leave an Amazon
review for you. I was pissing myself when you were gobbing off about taking the band to the Gulf, read it out to my
civie wife who just couldn't understand why it was so funny. Well done mate bet your proud of it.

By Buncey
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Having served in the RCT and along side Steve ossie Osborne this book had me in tears of laughter and dread reminding me of the dark days of basic training (Buller Barracks)to the laughs of Driver training and eventually my first posting not just a great read for the ex troggs or serving members but a great read for anyone that was involved with the Army...... loved it

Michael Boyle
September 2
Hey all, I bought Steven Ossie Osborne 's book online but thought I would rate it on here, brilliant read, kept me up till
the wee small hours and truthfully, I laughed and cried at times but most of all it reminded me of all the people it was an honour to meet in my time in the army, Ozzy included. Buy the book and enjoy.

Steve Allan Hi Steve, have received and read in 10hrs with a sleep in between. What a fantastic book it brought back so
many memories, like you i was kicked out at 15 and ended up doing 23yrs. Dare not write my own as i have a habit of not being very diplomatic there would be writs flying allover the place haha.

Trevor Wilkinson
Hi Steve,at last I have finished your book and it is a great read, I laughed and yes I shed a tear or two, one or two things I think I saw differently but then we always do,as you know my career to a different one to yours,I started at the bottom and ended at the bottom,but like you I would not swap it for anything the good times and yes the **** ones,I think I would have loved you as my SSM/RSM but I'm sure you would have had to give me a few extras just to keep me in line.

Phil Giles
Hi Steve
Read your book in the last couple of days and have got to say "damn good read Ossie I couldn't put it down"
Regards from a fellow Trog

Robert Jamieson just had a wee read ossie mate was gonna keep it for holiday but couldn't help maself lol well done mate

Graham Pugh
Boss (ya you know who you are) got it read it finished it and I cried, but most of all iv laughed thanks. Least we forget....

Graham Curphey
Hi Steve, read the book of your exploits in the RCT/RLC and had a really good laugh. This is mainly because could relate a lot of my own experiences to the ones you went through. The 'pull of the bar' and 'one for the road' are experiences we have all enjoyed and eventually suffered from the after effects. A cracking read but, too little about your time as RSM, although I know you never enjoyed that experience but we had many laughs in 41 Sqn. Well done mate, a cracking tale and an inspiration to others to believe in themselves and anything can happen.

Bruce Gatland
Just read your book mate , brilliant , but how do you remember so much detail about stuff i got a terrible memory, i dont normally read , so the missis was shocked when i sat all night reading it , anyway well done mate , you deserved to get to top of the tree (some didn't) as for me I just kept screwing up to many times, but like you said they couldn't get me pregnant.

Well there you go guys have a nosey at the site and a peep at the book Cheers steve (Ossie)