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Required for mobile museum exhibition, for free. Service dress uniform. If possible, with hats, gloves, belts, shoes, boots.

Size: M or S (170-160cm) to prevent future use or sale of uniforms by size of uniform. Hats must be as small as it requires to be, 39cm (smallest size). Two examples to have one while first is under reconstruction or repair.

British Army: General, green khaki

France: Bertineau-type, Général de division yellow-grey

Spain: Coronel, grey

Italy: Divisional general yellow-khaki

India: Indian police khaki uniform (allowed a short-sleeve T-shirt)

Syria: general yellow-grey

Iran: Colonel grey-green

Germany: DDR Stasi

Brazil: Military Police, grey-blue, any rank

Morocco: Inspector General, grey uniform

Vietnam: green general uniform

Russia: MO SSSR general-colonel

China: Type 07 green

USA: General black

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