Unable to upload personal avatar.

Uploading hasn't been disabled. But there may be some problems with the upload folder permissions on the new server so I'll look into it soon
It's working again now, but I see that you've already knew that...
Just be sure that your new "avatar" doesn't become true.. ;) :cool:
Do you get any error messages when you try to upload one??
I've just tested it and it worked here...
Very good. :smil:

Well since we're on the issue of broken things around here...I've noticed that your name/title appear different on my laptop as opposed to my phone. On my phone, it is a blue glow. Whereas on my laptop it is a pinkish glow...
That's actually most likely you browsers fault. :)
The effects may look different on different browsers...
IE can't display all of the Username/title effects, so most likely it's correct on Chrome.
I use Firefox and all of the effects works there. :smil:


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Yes the attachement is correct and how it looks here. :smil:
It's just IE that has problems displaying shadow and glow effects....

So use Firefox! ;)