U.S. Secret Service director resigns

This comment can't possibly come off as being other than sexist, but this lady looked upon herself as the Den Mother. What is really needed in that organization is Captain Bly. The job of a SS agent sucks. Long hours, long periods of family separation, pay that is not adequate for the job. When the President travels he stays in the best places where even a hamburger costs thirty dollars. SS agents have their rooms paid for, but receive only the standard per diem expense rate and that is inadequate. They have to have the best clothes and stay in shape. On your feet twelve hours a day. You can't last long on a protective detail. The turn-over rate is high. The uniformed personnel who actually guard the perimeter of the White House are payed even less than the plain clothes agents and are looked down upon in the SS culture. The outfit really needs a major overhaul, and naming a "good old boy" as the new head isn't going to do it.