U.S. officials, touring missile defense site, voice concern about North Korea

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By David Alexander VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (Reuters) - Senior U.S. defense officials voiced concern about North Korea's nuclear ambitions on Friday as they toured American missile defense sites a day after watching the military test-fire its second intercontinental ballistic missile in a week. Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work and Admiral Cecil Haney, combat commander of U.S. nuclear forces, said they were confident American missile defenses could counter the nuclear threat from Pyongyang despite a mixed record of success in testing. "I think when you look at what it’s designed for, and that’s a North Korean type problem, I think (I have) a very high confidence that we would have the capability," Haney said after visiting a nondescript metal building where workers assemble the ground-based interceptor at the heart of the defense system.