U.S. military says it killed five insurgents, detained 10

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U.S. military says it killed five insurgents, detained 10 west of Baghdad

BAGHDAD, Iraq - (AP) U.S. troops have killed five insurgents,
wounded one and arrested 10 others in clashes west of Baghdad, the military
said Tuesday.
The clashes took place Monday morning in the city of Ramadi, 115
kilometers (70 miles) west of Baghdad, when members of the 2d Marine
Division saw two insurgents on a street where roadside bombs have often been
When one of the insurgents was seen dropping an object into a hole
which had been used to conceal bombs, the Marines opened fire, killing one
and wounding another, the statement said.
Shortly afterward, a group of insurgents stopped at the same area in
two separate vehicles and two insurgents got out of one of the vehicles and
were fired on by the Marines, the statement said. It added that one of the
insurgents was confirmed killed and the other ran into a nearby building
with five other armed insurgents who had been waiting in one of the parked
Within minutes of the insurgent's disappearance into the building, a
taxi pulled up to the site and an armed insurgent got out of the taxi and
tried to get into one of the parked vehicles, the statement said.
The Marines again fired and were able to confirm one insurgent
killed, the statement said, adding that when three insurgents came running
out of the building and attempted to get into the taxi they were shot at by
the Marines leaving two dead, the statement said. The third fled, the
statement said.
The statement said there were no casualties among U.S. troops.
Monday's events came a day after several incidents that left eight
insurgents shot dead by U.S. Army snipers after they were observed placing
bombs in Ramadi, the Marines said.