U.S intelligence reveals: Israel has hydrogen bombs


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Scientists worldwide believe that the mission of the Israeli hydrogen bomb is to serve as the ‘ultimate defender’ for securing the continued existence of the State of Israel. Scientific analysis of the results of Soviet experimentation indicates that the use of the greatest nuclear hydrogen bomb in human history and its’ effects are: “the use of such a bomb could wipe out every large city in Europe even destroying whole countries”. The evaluation of world intelligence agencies supports one possible solution in putting a halt to Iran’s plans to attack Israel while eliminating the nuclear threat to it lies in the creation of a hydrogen ‘balance of terror.’ Any response to an attack on Israel would result in the eradication of millions of people in Tehran, and the destruction of Iran’s’ economic, industrial and political capital. Foreign security officials believe that any Iranian leadership, would be unable to ignore this frightening hydrogen threat hanging over its head like a hanging sword, not now or in the future.

For several years the leadership of Israel has engaged in vigorous attempts to find a solution to Iran’s nuclear threat, the same Iran whose fanatical leaders declare unendingly their desire to wipe out the Jewish state. The solution to this existential question is not the exclusive domain of Israel. The Western world, led by President Barack Obama, is trying to find a course of action in which Israel can defend itself. This course of action stems from the knowledge of the death and destruction that the Jewish state would be subjected to, but also concern for the unknown which would be the course of Israel’s response. Would Israel resort to a preemptive action by air, land or sea or would it choose the option of a “second blow”, as many publications around the world claim would take place.

The Israeli- American concern might be in place, but the real danger is not as severe and immediate as some politicians try to describe it. For anyone who knows how to distinguish between ‘chaff and straw’, and can sift through the abundant information scattered all over the Internet network, one can evaluate that in the equation of nuclear balance of terror between Israel and Iran, Israel’s hand is on top. This conclusion can be reached by understanding the information contained in the study of the ‘Proliferation center’” by the U.S. Air Force. The study expressly states that Israel has established an arsenal of hundreds of nuclear bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM – Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles) with which to deliver them. The study also refers to thermonuclear bombs, more commonly referred to as Hydrogen Bombs. These bombs, whose existence is unlikely hidden from the eyes of Iran’s leadership, are considered to be the most terrible weapon whose use was recorded in history. Major Powers no longer use this weapon from fear that its activation may lead to the extinction of the human race from the face of the earth. The recognized fear of this sort of bomb as many experts from around the world believe could create a ‘hydrogen balance of terror’ which tends to favor the Israeli side. This situation could become a distinct possibility in the event Israel is unable to deter an Iranian nuclear or conventional attack.
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