U.S. Civil War 2


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Does anyone think that another USA Civil War will start? I mean, there has been things going on in the South, such as the confederate flag over state house and stuff... Signs like the south will rise again, who knows.... I think I could see another US Civil War sometime, not in the near future tho.
There will be no civil war don't let the liberal media get to you the whole country is united and we will accept who is elected it is the American way
It is difficult enough to get people even interested in a third party. I doubt you would coagulate them all on this issue.
In my opinion, people don't have the spirit to start another civil war. Also, why would the war begin in the first place?
Th U.S would need to be seriously weakened over the course of many years(decades) by an outside threat or a severe economic collapse before anything like this could occur. Unless the political possibility of being recognized as a sovereign nation existed, there would be little point in armed uprising. That was the stumbling block of the original "War of the Rebellion".
Hmm... I take most of this as a no, just thought I'd start something controversial... just something to think about.
As a Southerner, we hear that from the backwoods people all the time. Go far enough back in the mountains, and there's people that still believe the war is at their front porch.

Mostly Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and crazy militias. One good note though, if America were ever invaded on the east coast, they'd only get to western NC before they had to turn back.

The militias in the extreme western part of the state are rumored to have everything except WMD's. :rambo:
Yeah me and my friends always joke about the Civil War and I was just saying to my friend the other day what would happen if another Civil War came about. I honestly dont think our nation would ever come to another Civil War as drastic as the one before was. They divided because of states rights, etc. The only thing I see that would make states separate is there view on Bush and his stream of officials. I would hate to see our nation ever come to that where we would fight our own kind, but if we did, Im with my state. If Civil War 2 did break out, before everyone went to fight Id want them to watch the movie Gods and Generals first and see what tehy think.

As far as someone invading us, Id LOVE to see that. Im telling you, just like he said, theyd only get about 5 miles in then be driven out with all the crazy souther rednecks down here. Id goto my friends house and set up a turret. :p
The closest we will come to civil war is domestic terrorism. If the skinheads and other hate groups ever start acting instead of talking I think we could have a problem. I have checked out several chat rooms of theirs and you would be suprised at how many are ex military. I they ever get organized there could be a real threat. It is not unbelievable that many join our military to gain expertise in carrying out military operations. I still believe McVeigh had help other than Nichols.
What is your definition of terrorism. I understand Canada is liberal but I think most would consider the OKC bombing a terrorist act.
Oh on that i agree 100% i was saying that in most cases people dont attack there own country unless they are mentally unstable...


I don't consider McVeigh a nut. He thought the Government stepped over the line with the Branch Dividians and the incident at Ruby Ridge. Many sane people have the same belief but he chose to act. He truly believed in our Bill of Rights and went to the extreme to protect it. Odd how many things have happened on April 19, Hitler was born, Fire in Waco, and OKC bombing.
BunYap said:
There will be no civil war don't let the liberal media get to you the whole country is united and we will accept who is elected it is the American way

I agree