Two Marines and a Dumb Blonde (me!)


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As I mentioned in my introduction, I work on a WWII aircraft carrier, the USS Hornet. It is now a museum and is at the old Alameda Navy Base in Alameda, CA. I guess you can consider this a funny military story, although it involved an old Navy ship, two Marines and a Women's Army Corp (except a pretend one!)

Every couple months we have big band dances, like Glen Miller, Benny Goodman, etc. I work there and I also go to the dances as a WAC with my recreation group.

This dance was a couple months ago. Vince, an ex-Navy guy who lives on the ship had his brother, a Marine and his buddy, also a Marine on the ship visitng and they stayed for the dance.

During the dance Vince and I took them for a tour of the ship. When we were up at the Foc'sle (where they kept the anchor chains) the two Marines told asked me if I knew about the old Navy tradition of spitting out port wholes. I said no. They said every time you pass a port hole you have to spit out of it. So when we came to a port hole, they would spit out of it then I would spit out of it, then Vince would spit out of it.

This went on abit because there were a lot of port holes.

So the next day I was on the ship again. We just happened to have the Navy reserves there and also there was some Marine unit there (we do have military stuff go on there). I kept asking the Navy guys, then the Marine guys about the "Old Navy spitting out of port hole tradition."

They all looked at me blankly and said they didn't know about this tradition.

So later in the day, I saw Vince and asked him why no one had heard of the spitting out of the port hole tradition. He just started laughing his head off. I said "what? what?????????" He said "Well didn't you notice those portholes were getting lower and lower?" I said "yeah..." he said "And you were wearing a skirt?"

Oooohhh... I am going to get them back! Somehow! Someway!!!!
now now..double posting tsk tsk...ill leave it here, since that story could go both ways... :D

by the way...just how short is a wac's skirt? :shock:
Double posting and wac skirts

I wasn't sure where to put it since it involved Navy, Marines and a wacky WAC....

It was 1940 so the skirts were a little below the knee, I think thats why at one point, we had to spit out of a porthole that was on the floor level...

As for Mark, he must be a Marine!!!
I may be Air Force...but I do speak WAC, Marine, Army, and Navy! Pay no attention to the young one...sniffs too many car exhausts a day (hes in training for the Marines you know) ... :D

and yes, we do have port holes in our planes..but if you open one at 30,000 usally dont have to worry about spitting out it...because you would be sucked out it faster than you could pucker up to do it. We just hoist the young ladies into the over head baggage racks...and watch them wiggle down.... :D
Mark Conley said:
Pay no attention to the young one...sniffs too many car exhausts a day (hes in training for the Marines you know) ... :D
:cry: that hurt Mark :cry: :cry: , j/k.
I hate car exhausts, you could say i have more brain cells then the average teen :D .
okay, you have more brain cells than the average teen... :D

There i said happy up you, we have a potential female Marine story writer to engage in much witty conversation with...drool!

I am going to post a story that happened this weekend on the 4th, but I will put it in the funny Navy stories. This one involved a crazy WAC, and it wasn't ME! It was this old lady that came on my ship (yes, its MY ship). Boy was she a hoot and a holler, and not on purpose either...