Two car bombs explode near Shiite mosque in Baghdad

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Two car bombs explode near Shiite mosque in Baghdad, police report causalities

BAGHDAD, Iraq - (AP) Two car bombs exploded Wednesday night near
a Shiite Muslim mosque in northeast Baghdad, killing at least six people and
injuring 31, police and paramedics at the scene said. Women and children
were among the wounded.
The car bombs targeted al-Shuroufi Mosque in the northeastern
neighborhood of Shaab, police said.
Two children and five women were among the injured, according to
police Maj. Awad Naama, who have the overall casualty figure. Paramedics at
the scene confirmed the count.
Injured survivors were taken to several hospitals in the Baghdad
Insurgents, who are mainly Sunni Muslims, have targeted Shiite
mosques in the past, killing and wounding hundreds. Shiites dominate the
government and the U.S.-backed security services.