Transition and Veterans

Would a Transitioner and Veteran forum be useful?

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Wow! What a great forum. I wish I knew about this earlier, especially when I was joining. I recently got out of Active Duty and that was pretty tough. Although there are many services while you're in the military, there's no one you can really talk to.

I'm just making a suggestion to add a section for Transitioning Soldiers, that would help so much. Also, a section for Veterans might be good too. Vets can offer so much help, especially to new vets and transitioning soldiers.

There is honestly a lack of a forum of this type on the internet, at least in the month I've been searching, I haven't found one. Tell me what you think or if you know of an existing forum, let me know!

Thanks :idea:
Thanks for your kind words Crave. :D

I'm always open to new suggestions.
And I have room for new forums, if enough members wants them.