TrainingGrounds, sounds like a coffee house for DIs!
Announcer: "We've secretly replaced this Drill Instructors decaf coffee with new TRAINING GROUNDS extra caffeinated coffe. Let's see if he notices:"
Recruit:"Help, he's got my spleen!"
Have u ever heard of the online thing called outwar? I think this trainning thing is like outwar, where the point is to get people to click on the secret link that they give u when u log in. When people click on the link then it makes your person stronger. So then u can attack people and earn money to buy things. At least that is how outwar is played. Correct me if im wrong on this.
I think I got screwed by my system. I put the link in the browser and Explorer quit while the page was loading. When I logged bak on to try again it told me I had already clicked the link. So I have no idea what I even did to my character! :firedevi: