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There was a young woman who dropped her phone on the train tracks. She had gone on the tracks to pick it up and scince she had her back trned she didn't see it. I think she got scared and froze. I would have personally just left it there and got a knew one.
i had waited until the train had passed by to see what's left after the train coming...

I can't just drop the phon I loved most of all... No, I would go get my phone back.. BUT NOT - if it will be a risk that involes death.
that kinda of happen to me once but it was with a suv i drop my cell from coming out the movies i was walking to my truck and i dropped down to get it and i guess the driver so he hit me in the back and i was paralized on the street for 2 hours
You have to be pretty dumb to go on train tracks and not to look if a train is coming. I am also dissapointed in people who saw it happening and didn't even tell her that there was a train coming. Why doesen't anyone care for another?