Top Gun

"Through adversity to the stars"

Motto of the Commonwealth Air Forces (UK, NZ, Australia, Canada, etc...), and probably a few others.
Yes, like all Hollywood movies, it is 100% accurate. Most people, however, wash out at the "sing to a woman in a bar" phase of the school.

And Johnson wavin Contests. Love it when :

Maverick says "I'm Coolest" and Ice Man is like "No way Mav I'm Coolest and like Maverick is.................................
During the 1970s & 1980s Top Gun worked with other Navy training programs, "Top Dome" (for E-2 Hawkeye crews), "Strike University" or "Strike U." (for A-6 and A-7 Corsair crews) and, Top Gun for (F-14 and F/A-18 crews). F/A-18s practiced with F-14s as CAPs and other times the F/A-18 used self escorting strikes. Once in a while they combined with Red Flag working at integrating with other air forces for massive strikes.
Since many programs have been combined with others to save money, especially in the 1990s with the Cold War being over. I never heard if the F-14B & Ds (Bombcats!) ever went to Strike U or, did this aspect of the F-14s mission become all part of Top Gun experience?