Top Gun Quotes

Charlie: So Lieutenant, where exactly were you?
Maverick: Well we...
Goose: Thank you.
Maverick: ...started up on his six when we pulled through the
clouds and then I moved in above him.
Charlie: Well if you were directly above him, how could you see
Maverick: Because I was inverted.
Iceman: (while coughing) Bullshit.
Goose: No, he was man. It was a really great move. He was inverted.
Charlie: You were in a 4G inverted dive with a MIG 28?
Maverick: Yes maam.
Charlie: At what range?
Maverick: About two meters.
Goose: Well it was actually about one and a half, I think it was
one and a half... I've got a great polaroid of it, he's right
there. It must be one and a half.
Maverick: It was a nice picture...
Charlie: Ah, Lieutenant. What were you doing there?
Goose: Communicating.
Maverick: Communicating. Keeping up foreign relations. You know.
Giving him the bird..
Goose: You know, the, I'm sorry. I hate it when it does that.

Maverick: I feel the need...
Maverick & Goose: The need for speed!

Maverick: No, actually I've only done this twice.
Charlie: Oh? How'd you do?
Maverick: Crashed and burned on the first one. It wasn't pretty.
Charlie: The second?
Maverick: I don't know, I'll tell you tomorrow. But it's lookin'
good so far.
haha! Great Movie. I was told that I must know and love this movie... Seen it more times than I can count at this point.
Ha, well I didn't write it all out.. I don't think I could remember word for word the script; I looked it up on google. It is a great movie.. I've only seen it 5 times though, which is nothing compared to my friend who owns the movie and has watched it 10 times the amount I have..
Iceman: Who was watching Cougar, while you were showboating with this MiG?
Maverick: Cougar was doing just fine.

I love this movie. Might have something to do with the fact that I'm a pilot myself.
Favorite quote of Top Gun.

Me - Oh, nice Mig 5 Tigers.

Maverick's radarman - Yeah, I got a good polaroid of it.
I always love the two parts near the end of the movie, the first being when the commander tells maverick "that if he can't find anyone to fly with, to give him a call, I'll fly with you". That always gets me, oh and when iceman tells maverick that, "you are still dangerous, you can be my wing man anytime", and maverick says "no, you can be mine". I love that part too. I can never decide if top gun or a few good men is my favorite movie, their both so good! Oh and by the way the movie Hot Shots sucks It sorta ticked me off that ABC family showed it, I couldn't watch more thn the first half hour. I know it was suppose to be fuuny but I didn't think so. My favorite military comedy is Sgt. Biliko, that is funny stuff!!!! If I had to pick another figther pilot movie it would be Iron Eageals. That's a pretty good movie, not as good as top gun and a few good men though.
CO: Cougar you should be in sickbay. What's on your mind?
Cougar: My wife and kids sir.
CO: We've seen this before.
Cougar: No sir, I'm holding on too tight, I've lost the edge.
Maverick: What's going on?
Goose: I don't know man.
CO: Maverick, Goose, Get in here! What you did this morning was an incredibly brave thing. What you should have done was land your plane. You have a history of 5 high speed passes over Air Tarffic Contorl Towers and one Adrimals daughter.
Goose to Maverick: Patty Benjamin?
Maverick gives a slight nod of the head and grins
CO:I should be grounding you, but instead I'm forced to give you your shot. I have to send the top pilot and rio from this squadron to Mirmar. Cougar was number one, you guys were number two. Cougar lost it, turned in his wings. But let me remind your name isn't excalty the best in the Navy. You should be doing it cleaner and better than everyone else, you screw up the least little bit and you'll be flying cargo planes out of Hong-Kong. Dismissed!
Goose: "Come on Mav, do some of that pilot shit...

Goose: "Oh great it's Viper.
Maverick: "He's probably saying 'Great its Maverick and Goose'
Goose: "Yeah, I'm sure he is.

only movie i ever remember standing in line to see. spring 1986, outside Beale AFB, California. about 4-5 days after signing in. (my first duty station)
Mustang this is Ghostrider 117. This bogeys all over me. He's got missile lock on me. Do i have permission to fire

Do not fire untill fired upon
Time to bump this up. From that other thread:

Anya1982 said:
My fav qoute has to be meg ryan with goose..............

"Goose ya big studdddddd.......take me to bed or loose me for ever"

*ahem* turn:

Goose: Okay, it's my turn, isn't it? Okay, the bet is twenty dollars.

Maverick: Twenty dollars!

Goose: Okay. you have to have carnal knowledge -- with a lady this time -- on the premises.

Maverick: On the premises!

Goose (as Maverick spots Charlie sitting down at the bar): C'mon, Mav, a bet's a bet.

Maverick: I don't know, it just doesn't seem fair -- for you, I mean. But she's lost that lovin' feeling.

Goose: She's los-- no, she hasn't.

Maverick: Yes, she has.

Goose: She has NOT lost...

Maverick: Goose, she's lost it. (walks away)

Goose: *sighs* I hate it when she does that... s***. (flings something on the floor and goes after his partner)

A summer camp friend and I were both in Navy ROTC at the same time, we would wear our summer CNT whites at the camp talent show and embarass some poor girl camper with this routine. :D