Top 4 Reasons the Germans Lost WWII in the East


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1. It was too far.

2. It was too cold.

3. There were too many Russians.

4. They had Stalin, but we had Hitler.

In the end, Hitler was Germany's worst enemy. In the hands of a good military leader, Germany might very well have won the war. They came very close anyway. If he had waited a year or 2 to build up his submarine fleet before starting the war he could have isolated England completely. If he had continued his air attacks against the RAF for just a short time longer, they would have ceased to be a factor. Operation Barbarosa was another of his blunders. And so on, and so on.....

I guess we were lucky he was there......
I don't get it

Germans were almost to reach Moscow but they were retreated.

Russia's weather were or are too cold in November to late Febuary, -30 to 32 F. Germans has no or few for the winter clothing.

Russia has more population than Germany does.

Hitler was the guy that ordered to invaded Russia while they were "friend."

Got it? heh
In the end, Hitler was Germany's worst enemy.

Adolf Hitler deserves create for building the Wehrmacht as well as restoring Germany to superpower status. But he was a failure when it came to overall strategy - but he sure could motivate people!