Too Much Too Soon Too Fast


Mr. Obama is in over his head with present situations . Mr. Obama is a political experiment , what really can one expect of a junior senator from Illinois with two years experience on the national level do . The Fire in the mid-east has no easy answer and the world cannot expect the U.S. to put out the fire and lite a fire at the same . we are trying to put out the ISIS fire by putting a fire under the enemies of ISIS and it might work given time , is the time available ? .
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I quite agree that our President does not have what it takes to handle this or any other crisis and sadly has not selected advisors who think beyond the immediate soundbite. This does not bode well for the West. No leader has emerged who has the right combination of leadership, perseverance and ruthlessness needed to crush these terrorist groups. Our elected officials in just about every country of NATO are politicians who know how to get elected, but do not know how to govern or who have the stomach for it.
Yea, I like Obama as well as I like every other President we've had , with the exception of a few they're pretty much the same , political animals who have won the brass ring , its the American people that are the disappointing we have lost control or interest or both of our Government , that needs to change sooner rather than later .