Time Spent Polishing Stuff


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I was polishing my alto saxophone for 3 hours. So can u tell me what was the longest time u spent polishing something?
At one time or total? :D Because there is no way on earth I could tell you how many hours I've put into polishing things military and civilian related.

Most recently I put oh... I dunno must have been 4.5 straight hours wait no, make that 6 if you count stripping 'em first, into my new low-quarters, but that was several months ago... now they only need the 10 min spit-shine! ;)
shined ma shoes for commissioning each shoe for bout 45 minutes. belt buckle 15 minutes. For a regular inspection 20 minutes for each item. Overall who knows how much time ive spent.
as a punishment tour...

I had to polish all of the dormitory door brass kick plates in my basic military training squadrons building at lackland..started on a saturday morning at 0800 hours and ended at 2200 hours that night...lets say 12 hours of non-stop brasso banging fun. (Lunch and Dinner were allowed...thank God)

Of course...they had to have a T.I. watch me...so we were both punished... :D
A real man must always keep hiself and his environment superclean. Those stories about real men wallowing in the mud are just crap.
I have never really spent much time polishing any thing but i suppose i will be spending a lot of time in the future considering i am joining the military
the longest time i polished something was when i lost the remote control and polihed my dads car from 0800 to 2000 hours
During the last CIERZO exercise, an infantry section got lost in San Gregorio field. Until they appeared, we couldn't remove the bridge we had layed, so our Lieutenant decided that we would spend the time cleaning the dust from our G36. I think that it took us three hours until the infantrymen decided to bestow upon us the honor of having their company... My rifle shone, by then.
We had to clean the M82a1 for a couple hours after shooting. We got pretty tired of it the last week of sniper training. :x
I don't know why they like to make us polish stuff so much. They made one of my friend polish over 100 pennies he had kept in his locker :eek: Guess it's their way of installing discipline or something.
I spent three hourse once polishing my boots in my first year of cadets. I only made the boots worse than when I started.