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That was brave young man Fabrizio Quattrocchi just seconds before getting a bullet in the neck by his Iraqi kidnappers ( probably Sunnis ).
Those bastards are now playing political, after succeeding in altering the otherwise granted electoral results in Spain they now succeeded in making hundreds od thousands of people march on Rome's streets asking for peace and for our troops' withdrawal ( may god spare us from that humiliation ) and of course protesting against our gov't , and all this with the promise to free the hostages ( 3 still alive ) last friday. Of course they did not.
They're playing the political card. Was wondering how likely it might be that they try that one card with , say, something like Madrid 3/9, but in the US, in order to alter the elections next November.

Finally, feel free to ask all you want to know about Italy, just like Pollux is offering info about Germany. I'm pretty updated.
I am sorry for your country's loss.

We have been having marches like that here since last March, too many people with too much free time and too little understanding of reality, but I hope it doesn't influence your elections or government too much.
And I think it is VERY likely that, unless we have them cleaned up by November (which I don't see happening), the terrorists will try something along those lines to influence our presidential elections. Speaking for myself and the people I grew up around, that plan will backfire like a son of a gun, hopefully the rest of the nation feels the same way.
Is the military conscript or none conscript? Ive asked it before regarding other countries but i do think its a interesting question :)
I think more or less the same as in Germany: it has been the law to serve in the military for 1 year since 1948 until recently. now they're reforming all that and right now people born within 1985 have still got to do it. It's progressively getting professional and volunteer though. I was born in 1980 so i'll be doing it after University.
When i got my italian citizenship they wanted me to do military service luckely i was in uni. and in the canadian reserves so i didnt have to do my service.
Fabrizio Quattrocchi's body ( what's left of it, some bones, not even the complete skeleton ) was found some days ago on a road in Nasiryiah. He has been flown back to italy and his family will now decide whether to accept State funerals or not. He has become a hero for his last words.
just thought I should update about latest, and last, developments.

I hope for his sake that his sacrifice won't be thrown away by Italy redrawing from Iraq. In my opinion, that would be betrayal.
1217 said:
I hope for his sake that his sacrifice won't be thrown away by Italy redrawing from Iraq. In my opinion, that would be betrayal.

Indeed, that would throw away the things he died for.

Fare thee well in the hereafter Fabrizio.