This is what you do when your wife is pregnant

Wow, that's one hell of a blind/hide, one of my neighbors has one of those giant goose decoys that you can sit in, but it doesn't hold a candle to this guy's project. :lol:
It looks like somebody had way too much time on their hands. I really wonder what a prospective buyer for his house will think of that kid trap in the back yard? I also wonder where he lives. I suppose a person does need a hobby. This guy ought to consider going into business installing fish ponds. That way he can dig hoes, get his tan, and get paid while he's at it. What do you think?
I aint digging no hole for stress relief...but i do have a project under way.

I am essentially the second owner of a house built in 1958. The former owner was completely paranoid about the bomb, and had a 10 foot high, 45 feet in diameter modular concrete bomb shelter buried 15 feet under the soil near the front door of the house. It was orriginally rated at resisting an over pressure from a blast up to 3,600 pounds per square inch.

Im in the process of moderdnizing it. ill send pictures when i finish.

That guy should have installed a sump pump in the bottom, then he would still be partying in that hole....LOL
Build a pill box in my back yard.........hmmm........goood idea.That would be the place where you could be 'alone' for example or where you could entrench in case of war or your wife/girlfriend being mad about something.... :lol:
I want to dig big holes like that too... :shock:

Would be cool to have one to relax in.

And who said pregnant wifes doesn't need time off from the lazy husband? ;)
Don't forget the inportant lesson you can learn from this; find a way to keep the water out. :D