This is me


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Well, I'm 20 years old or young. I study at a university here in Sweden (master in Physics and electronics ?spelling?). As you might have figured out I am from sweden (no I have not seen any polarbears :lol: )

I joined the Swedish army in 2002 (18 years old. yes its mandatory militaryservice here in Sweden). I was trained in Karlsborg, K3, as a Jägarsoldat (~ranger). I was a specialist in leading artillery fire on enemy + anti-tank weapons.
The group of 6 persons could be out in the woods for about 14 days without any support troops that delivers food. On "missions" we worked as scouts gathering intelligence of the enemy, following them by foot with a backpack that weight about 60 kilograms.
In the future I would like to go back to Karlsborg. Either as a Paratrooper or with the Special Force that has their HQ there.

Have a nice day! 8)