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Hello every1 I just wanna know i am feeling great that i found this site, I live in canada.

i was incarserated for 4 years for soemthing that i regeret doing in my bad ass days, the reason wy i brought that up because it was there that i finnaly pick up a book and read it. the book was on the korean war, and ever since then i have been reading about every war book and history of empires that i can get my hands on.

Its good now for me to share my opinions with you folks and hopefully learn some new stuff and hear soem opinions. This i a great place cause we have peopel from all over the world.

there isn't anything better war(not that i enjoy innocent peoel gettin slauther) football,baseball,kids,the occasional "romance" and of course beer,

so cheers ever1!
thank you, yeah i be the first 1 to say to you there's nothing better then a hard earn dollar, and then spending that dolar on your family and beer. lol...with out worrying bout the police knoking down your door.
Italian Guy said:
Welcome dude!!! Vietnamese ascend uh? Hey what part of the country are you from?

Ciao 8)

I dont remember much about vietnam, but my Dad fought with the Americans, My family was from the north, My grandparents was part of the elite Roman catholics allign with the french, ie, that why my family was some of the first to run when the communist took over.

Much thanks to every1 for welcoming me, I finally know people where I can talk about wars and politics, cause up here in Canada No one gives a dam about politics and military.