Things You Miss/Missed When Away From Home


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When deployed or in BASIC or just living abroad as I am what are some of the things you miss or missed about being back in your home country?

I miss going out on a hardwood floor and doing the two-step to a Chris LeDoux song with that fiddle kicking in... cold Sam Adams and coming home at two in the morning with my other cowboy friends and getting arrested for going swimming in the neighbours pool because in our drunken state after a night of drinking, dancing and fighting it seemed like a good idea at two in the morning... then going to IHOP for coffee to sober up at four am after being bailed out by the one friend who didn't go out with us and was at home sober because they were working the next morning... god how I miss that.
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walking in the northern streets of Tehran alone in warm summer nights!

Or climbing the mountains in North of Tehran every weekend!

When I was traveling, especially long customer support, just a normal life with noise of the Family in the background. Being on the road is the pits, especially when they hand you an open ended ticket.
Going horseback riding over our land.....that and simple Saturday mornings going to town with my parents. Now that I'm home I get to enjoy them again :D
That be Scarborough,Maine my friend.

Portland Headlight is located below "miles" (give or take a little) on the other side of the peninsula

PWM Head light.jpg
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The good ole Aussie meat pie. Always crave for them when I'm o'seas.
At least our beer is available and plentifull!
Yeah, a meat pie with sauce bought from a truck stop somewhere between Port Augusta and Coober Pedy, with a Farmers Union ice coffee. Nothing like it, and god I miss it.

Going for a swim at the beach
A beer at the pub with the fellas as the sun sets
That particular smell of the first rains on the sun parched soil that you only get in Australia.
I could go on for hours but then I'd end up soundy like Henry Lawson.
The sights and smells of home (HOME).

The same ones that were triggered at three o'clock in the morning while walking my guard post (Korea) when some light wisp of odor wafted out of the darkness and I saw my hometown name emblazoned on a chemical drum ("DOW Chemical Company Midland, MI").
damn chief thats pretty cool, i got that feeling while walking through a mission on the boat and one of the waypoints was Boca Raton on the Florida route, it was cool
I can remember Chistmas in Vietnam, barbequing steaks on a half of a 55 gal drum. It just wasn't Christmas. And even though I got to go down to Phan Rang beach once when I was @ Phan Rang it just wasn't anything like the beaches of old Cape Cod. I sure missed that. My family has summered on Cape Cod since the early 1940's, and I have many fond memories rooted there.