They make em Tough

Mark Conley

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Training Instructors (T.I.s) are such interesting characters…

One day at the doctor’s field training facility, a tough looking Training Instructor looked at all the health care providers in his platoon and began his introductory talk to break the platoon to his will. You people think you tough?” he said in a growl. “I will show you what tough really is”

The T.I. proceeded to walk to a small pond, where he reached in and found a 2-foot junior alligator. He violently opened the alligator’s mouth, stuck in his hand, closed its mouth, then proceeded to place the alligator on the bed of a protruding tree stump. Taking his forty-five automatic from his holster, he deftly reversed it and hit the alligator over the head several times with the butt of the weapon, raising the alligator to a furious state of agitation. Then after several minutes of watching the alligator chew on his arm in devilish glee, he hit it once on the head with his bare hand, knocking it cold, and deftly ripped the offending reptile off his arm and threw it to the ground. He then displayed his arm and hand, which interestingly had no marks of the vicious attack the students just witnessed. :shock:

“ OK you lilly livered intense know-nothings” the T.I. bellowed. “ Is there anyone out there with the guts to try This?”

From out of the Navy Doctors side rose a small, shaking voice. “Yes sir, I would like to try. Can you at least promise me you won’t hit me on the head as hard as you did the alligator?” :lol:

For extra fun: try substituting different body parts for the arm!
Heard one like it before, but it was a wolf and it included a completely different body part... :D
i included a certain boby part inpaticular and told the story to a few friends. i'll tell you what i couldn't get them to stop laughing