They are too aggressive!

Instead of ticket, Mich. cop buys girl booster seat, mother shocks

Like this one?
Every coin has two sides.
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Yes, because every police officer in the entire nation is like this....makes me wonder why this case is exceptional and newsworthy since it is so "common".

There is 330 million people in this country.....can you comprehend that number? Even if this happened somewhere in this country every single day, the chances of it happening to you would be about 1 in 1 million.....

Most people recognize propaganda when they see it.
You've made 18 posts since you joined the forum, and everyone complaining about one organisation or another, give it a rest, you're starting to sound like a stuck record!
Someone said in another post "everyone knows propaganda when they see it" and it's the damn truth. People don't realize that the media can and will determine how you see life.