Then God had another idea...

Mark Conley

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God had rested... and saw that his creation was not complete

He saw that the king and the queen were uncovered from above: naked were they from the enemys ravagers and harpies of battle that strolled above.

So he sent the mighty prince and his angels from up high down to earth. And the spirit of the prince filled the queen and she birthed the winged children of destruction.

And soon there were bombs and leaflets and many bullets that rained from the heavens. Soon, they became too many for the King and Queen to contain: they cast them forth and named them Air Force.

And God above did laugh..nay his thunder rolled over the landscape of battle when he saw what he had done..and he thought it good.

And the king and queen were wroth..nay totally pissed at what happened.

And the congress saw this: yes watching the high king and queen they did observe this discord.

And they conjured a great conjuer and created the Department of Defense to contain them and keep them to a holy principle...thou shalt work together to pound thy enemy from above and from the left and from the right..thou shalt leave nothing to chance.

And the congress thought it was ok...and they rested on the eighth day...
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