The winds are angry this winter


I am Honor
Creating havoc, panic and destruction wherever it goes, with its freezing blades , and its tantalizing arrows of frost that lure and strike. It has swept over the known world
Angry Winds

To right they are! New Years eve in Scotland was not very pleasant, we had some storm! the UK in general has lost 44 people dead from falling objects in less than a month, Global Problem obviously and not just in the UK, any one else get it bad?
Anyone who has ever looked into the glazed eyes of a soldier dying on the battlefield will think hard before starting a war. ~Otto Von Bismark
I feel for all those affected but here in Florida, it's been a warm winter (even for us). I think we're one of the few places in the country not adversely effected by the winter so far this year. We have had some tornadoes around Christmas though. It's been strange indeed. The weather folks tend to blame it on the El Nino effect.
In Texas, there were lot of reports for car accidents due to icy on the road, mostly north Texas. Death and injured...I don't know. Hopefully not.
I do not complain, we had the first snow that seems to last yesterday evening, and the temperature has been spanning from +8 to -6 to -8 degrees, no snow; Sun and mild winds but lots of rain. The electricity bill has never been smaller and the car needs minimum of washing since the road salt isn't used as much as previous years.

But I am a bit concerned for the overall climate and extreme weather, I do not deny it.
But Oh My God, it's Global Warming. We all should be dieing of heat not cold!!!!! Winter doesn't exist anymore.

Stupid liberals and their fake science.
Thats strange :?
Well the weather is colder and more ferocious in some parts of this planet I suppose. May we survive, cold be it or warm :camo:
This isn't the first time I have read about the cosmic effects on our planet but this should help clear up a few things....

I mean really do people think the earth has to follow our Calenders and our city climate is never going to change....have we all gone mad???????????

I mean seriously did we forget this used to be one whole land mass...Have we forgotten that their had to be something before the silt that washed onto the land to form most of the US as it is today....I wonder where all that water came from, maybe melting ice :O
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