The Warrior's Gift



A quote I presented to my mission commander after a patrol brief when he asked me for a 'warrior quote of the day':

"The warrior's gift is to willingly storm Hell
that Heaven may remain unstained."
--- R.V.A. Marcell ---
Hi Elfstone and welcome to the forum.

Great quote, I'll add it to the site the next time I'm updating it.
Oh man that's a good quote, I'm hoping no one will mind if I put it on my page, that one's probably even going to make the home page which is saying something. If you have anymore good quotes like that I would LOVE to hear them. Keep'em coming.

We in it shall be remembered,
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers,
For he who sheds his blood with me,
Shall be my brother.........
"Come on you Son's a B**ches! Ya wanta live forever?"

Attributed to Gunnery Sergeant Dan Daley USMC @ the battle of Belleau Wood 1918.