the US, the EU and Russia are the losers


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US, EU and Russia are the three pillars of the free world, Europe is a model of the free world, but once the confusion within Europe, totalitarian state will reap the greatest victory, while the US, the EU and Russia are the losers. Free world will fall into the dark abyss, which is very dangerous
At the end of WWII, the Soviets had achieved a strategic objective that they had long sought. Germany was neutralized as a military threat and the Eastern Bloc formed a substantial buffer zone between Western Europe and Russian territory. Russia's main military threat has always come at them from the West.
At that point the Soviets felt relatively secure. During one of the numerous West berlin confrontations in the 60s, President John Kennedy was reassured by Charles de Gaulle that the Soviets would not go to war over West Berlin, they already had all they wanted.
Now the buffer zone of Eastern Europe is gone and Russia has NATO bases right on it's borders. This is highly provocative to Russia and the Ukraine situation is their not-so-subtle way of saying "Back Off". There are bound to be confrontations between NATO members and Russia now that they share common borders. The danger here is very great. One misstep and anything can happen.
Russian needs to be integrated into the European community so that it's economy is tied to Western Europe.
Not best with communist even if they like.

United States and Britain don't like from western world.

And Japan from Asia even I don't like Asia.
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There are people in the world who still call themselves Communists and who still believe in Communism. Very few of them live in countries that have experienced Communist rule.
Their are many communist in Finland even if there are maybe half million nazi how voite this year in EU and there was 22 procent for nazi party. In Germany there was 36 procent for nazi party. But Serbien was communist in 1999 war and USA take the leader to Haag and let him sit in cell there. Serbien are friends with Russia today if their aren't communist today and Russia is a federation today. Blatte we call in Sweden(Serbian people).
I think China is a strong enemy in eastern world. No one attack them.

Think Russia and Japan is two country China will have war against in Asia.

Booth in attack. 30 years from next year China - Russia.