The Toothless Wonders

Charge 7

Master Gunner
During a division level computer combat simulation exercise shortly before I retired all the brigades were given the impossible battle - that being one that could not be won no matter what you did. The object was to see how far you'd get before destruction. Only commanders, staff officers and critical enlisted personnel were involved. The scenario was the 1991 Gulf War with Saddam having a tremendous amount of T-80 tanks and we with very few M1A1s. Also air power was evenly matched and we were not allowed to use combat troops as recon on our flanks. Well, I know a thing or two about computers and knew there had to be a way around something somewhere. Sure enough I found that we had 10 dentists assigned to use and a pool of CUCVs to draw from. The computer allowed me to assign the dentists to areas off our flanks with a CUCV each. They all died of course though by being killed off we knew there was an enemy force in that area. Our brigade lasted for three days before being wiped out and the best that the other brigades did was one day - one even went down within an hour or so. Our colonel was delighted and although he'd been decent to me before that treated me like gold afterwards. It didn't take long however before fellow troops started asking how the "toothless wonders" were.