The Shogun and the Monk

Mark Conley

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Warning: This one may be too intense for the very young to handle:

This one is from way back in military history...lets go back...way the time of the Shogun Rulers in Japan!

One day the Shogun (Supreme Military Ruler of Nippon) decided to go and seek some wisdom. So, He sallied forth from his castle, taking with him only his 40 most fanatical samerai warriors for protection. :horsie:

He, by chance, encountered the most noble, most wisest Monk in all Nippon along the road. He stopped, him and his 40 most fanatical samerai warriors, to speak to this most learned man in the land.

"Most Noble Monk" The Shogun said. " I have seeked you out, in order to learn wisdom from you" "Impart some to me". :mrgreen:

The Monk looked him over carefully and said " Do you like riddles? The Shogun answered in the affirmative. The Monk Then asked him " Why does the little green frog hop from pad to pad"? The Shogun thought and answered " I dont know. Why does the little green frog hop from pad to pad"?

Upon hearing this, the old Monk took his long, Ten Foot Wooden Staff and smacked the Shogun as hard as he could over his head, knocking him unconcious. :sleep:

When the Shogun waked from his impromptu nap, he saw the Monk standing there as before, with an odd smile on his face. "Did you like my riddle"? the Old Monk asked the Shogun. ;)

The Shogun thought about this, and saw the wisdom of the situation. He said "Yes, I thoroughly liked your riddle. It has imparted much wisdom to me. By the way, do you like Jokes"? He asked the Monk. :mrgreen:

" Certainly" said the Old Monk. " Just what story did you have in mind for an old learned man such as myself"?

" No story" the Shogun replied. "My joke is physical, and it is this: What do you think would happen if I ordered my 40 fanatical warriors to take away your walking stick, cutting it into roughly into 2 inch pieces, and placing each piece within your cavity where the sun does not shine"? ;)

The old Monk thought this over, and replied " But Sire, this would be such a dirty joke"! :shock:

"That's Ok old Monk" the Shogun replied. "We are all adults here" ;)

Edit Note i had to re-title this one...some how the original just didnt fit the situation :D