The Sergeant and the six WACs

Mark Conley

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During WWII..some very strange things could happen...

One time, an army cargo plane carrying a artillery sergeant and six women army corp members was island hopping the pacific lower circle route, carrying supplies and such to those little lost garrisons that no one seem to remember being there. About halfway through the flight, the panes engine blew up, and the plane had to ditch into the ocean. Now the really bad thing was, the planes crew went one way, and the Sgt and the ladies went the other, drifting at sea for a long time until they reached the Island.

Now the island was a paradise: food abounded, there were no japanese on it, and pretty soon all it was play and no work for anyone. But by and by, men being men, and women being women, well they got lonely for some company. All the women got together, and the pitched the following proposal to the Sgt: he could have each of them, one a night, monday thru saturday, and he could rest from his labour on sunday.

Now to most men, this would have been a dream; but it soon turned into a nitemare for the poor guy. Every night, it was with a different girl: the same boring routine, week after week, with no end in site. It took all the man had in him to make it to the blessed sunday.

ne Sunday, as he was starring out to see, he happened to spy a life raft in the water approaching the land. and in the boat was...another guy! this thrilled the man to no end. Instead of allowing that raft to float to shore, why he swam out to it, grabbed a rope between his teeth, and started pulling it towards shore.

When he got the boat up on dry land, well he reached into the boat, took the guys head in his hands, and slapped him a couple of times to get him awake. "Hey Buddy" he said to the now awake man" Am I ever glad to see you".

Oh hi sweetie " Said the man in the raft with a lisp. "Am I ever glad to see you too"

To which the Sgt said " Damn! Now there goes my sundays too!"
Oh that poor poor man! Can assure that I know an entire company that would love to fill his shoe's. Well, before the grass on the other side showed up.