The Serbian "INAT"


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Three officials gathered to watch military practicing.
Roosvelt, Churchil and Tito.
They have betted which army is the best, the bet consisted of troops jumping from 100 meters with out a parachute.
They gather their soldiers and told them the plan.

Roosvelt: Private Smith, you'll be the one jumping for our nation!
Private Smith: Sir, You'll be proud on me!
-He jumps and dies.

Churchil: Baker old chap, you'll be jumping for the queen.
Corporal Baker: Lad, it will be my honor!
-finishes like Smith;

Tito: Slobo!
Private Sloba: What the hell do you want from me!?
Tito: Come on jump.
Private Sloba: MAKE ME!
Tito: Please, for us!
Private Sloba: The hell I will!!
Tito: Why!
Private Sloba: In INAT!
Tito: Okay then don't jump, no one is asking you! Go to hell!
Private Sloba: Than in INAT I will!!!
-jumps and dies.
INAT cant be translated,its meaning is,for example:you tell me to do something,and i say i wont do it,then you say ok you dont have to do it,and the INAT is when i say then i will do it.Get it??
Ahhh. Now I get it.

I've never used INAT in my life, that's why I didn't understand.
I know no one from the West uses it, but in Serbia it's very "popular"!
Well it's like....
-Do you wanna do it?
-No I don't!