The revenge

Mark Conley

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One day, three military men were captured by the vicous nowally coocoo tribe of cannibals in new guinea. There was an austrailian, a british non-com, and a US Marine.

The Chief of the tribe told them " you men are going to die. We will eat you, and i will take your skin and make a fine canoe of it. However, we are not totally evil cannibals: You may make whatever last wish you want, and if its within our power, we will grant it"

The austrailian thought long and hard. Finally he asked for a night with all the Foster lager he could drink. The cannibal king nodded, and in a flash, a mountain of Foster Lager cans was deposited at the mans feet. He began drinking in ernest.

The British Non-com was next. After thinking long and hard, he finally asked for all the fish and chips a man could consume in a night. The cannibal king nodded, and in a flash, the oil was boiling, the potatoes sliced, and the fish simmering for the mans repast. The brit began eating inernest too.

Finnally the King looked at the US Marine. "What is your wish"? he asked the man. The Marine looked him straight in the eye, and told him he wanted nothing but a fork. Well the King thought this was a little strange, but a wish was a wish. he nodded his head, and in a flash, the Marine was presented with a gleaming three pronged instrument of eating.

The Marine immediately took the instrument, and before the Kings eyes, began stabbing himself repeatedly all over his body. When he had finished sticking himself hundreds of times, he took the fork and threw it it at the King.

"King" the Marine said defiantly, with a smirk on his face. "Nuts to you and your canoe too"! :D