The Pink Stew


Per Ardua Ad Astra
The Pink Stew

During training with the RCT TA, I was told by the Troop commander, “All senior NCO's and cooks have been wiped out, its your job to take over running of the Troop.”

I settled into the CP and began organising trucks to collect and deleiver stores, when my 2 i/c wandered in and said, “What about grub? The blokes are getting hungry.” I told him to grab someone to get the right amount of rations packs, throw the lot into a dixie and cook a stew.”

I finally got things sorted and decided I had better find out how the stew was coming along. I walked to the cooks truck to see a young driver bending over a dixie with sweat pouring down his face with a huge ladle stirring the contents. I peeked inside and saw a heaving pink mass. I was gob smacked and shouted “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?” He said that my 2 i/c had told him to throw everything in from the ration packs. He took it literally, he threw in corned beef, tinned potato's, tinned veggies, tinned fruit, oatmeal biscuits and strawberry jam!

I said “If I get strung up by the blokes, I'm coming back and freaking haunting you!”

The men were called over and began to line up for their dinner, I got a ladle and splogged the pink mess into a mess tin. The driver looked at the contents, looked at me and said, “You've gotta be joking.” I told him, he either ate it or went hungry, at this point the CO came wandering over and listening to the grumbling of the men remarked “Problems Corporal?” Then he looked into the dixie, his jaw dropped, he said “Give me some.” I dropped some into a mess tin and handed it too him, he glared at me and slowly began to eat, suddenly his face changed saying, “As it happens this isn't bad.” and ate the lot.

One by one the men began to eat, some even came back for a second helping! I turned to the driver responsible for the stew and said, “You've got one bloody good guardian angel mate.