The New "Digi" Camo for Marines

Do you like it?

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I heard there was issues with chafing. Call me old fashioned, but I like the BDU's I'm wearing now. (Army) I view the bootshining as a constant reminder that if I decide to be lazy, I'll get my butt chewed out for not being squared away :lol:
I like the new outfits. The Canadian Army has been using the same type of design for the fast couple of years.
rlbush said:
I like 'em. I personally wish the Army would go back to the brown class A's from years ago.

I hear you there! They looked great.

On-topic, I like the new digitals, they got all kind of snazzy little hidey holes on them. ;) :lol:
I love them, got a used pair for under 30, has both nametaps on it, the Marine Corps is hoping to issue a pair to all Marines by 2008. Like when they are activated they are given the MARPART ones.
They do seem to break up the outline better, I like the look even though it looks like a vegetarian threw up.
I love the new cammies. Not only do they look cool, but are a lot more "wearer friendly." You can through them in the dryer and they come out wearable, but I still iron mine. The boots, though you don't have to polish them and I never had had the old cammies, still take work. You have to make sure they are still looking good everyday. It helps to aterproof them also.