the myth called matter


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All events and objects that we encounter in real life-buildings, people, cities, cars, places-in fact, everything we see, hold, touch, smell, taste and hear-come into existence as visions and feelings in our brains.
We are taught to think that these images and feelings are caused by a solid world outside of our brains, where material things exist. However, in reality we never see real existing materials and we never touch real materials. In other words, every material entity which we believe exists in our lives, is, in fact, only a vision which is created in our brains.
What do you think about this subject? Remember the movie Matrix…
I think someone thinks too much :lol:
But really I think you heard about the "theory of matter" and how "matter is not real" and then switched over and started watching the Matrix.
What they really mean is that when you go down deep enough, there ceases to be matter. Let me elaborate. In science class, when we were shown the diagram of an atom, what did we see? Marbles right? Now using marbles to show "atoms" imply that there is something solid there.
However, if you go and look at the anatomy of the atom, we find many more "marbles" glued together with tiny "marbles" orbiting the lump of red and blue (or whatever color you used in your school) big marbles. So we think that surely, that finally we have found the lowest form of "solid" right?
Not quite. These "marbles" have positive, negative and neutral charges because they too are made of even smaller entities known as Quarks.
But when you go down to it, the reason why we feel "matter" is because of attraction and repulsion of these entities.
A wooden board feels solid because the magnetic charge of the individual atoms "glue" it in a certain way and repels your hand when it gets close enough. If you've heard people say that you never really touch the ground, what they really mean is that the molecules of your feet don't physically hit the molecules of the floor and that you in fact "hover" an incredibly minute microscopic distance. The reason why you don't go slipping over is because this pattern is done over zig zags etc. that causes friction.

Anyways my head's about to explode. Science was never my Forte.
Now assuming that what you’re saying is correct, jasonparker, I have but one question. What about blind people? Our senses just confirm that what's there is there.